100% Canadian owned and operated 100% Canadian owned and operated


All-Purpose Adjustable Face Shield, Kids Adults Visor Eye Protection Anti-Fog Dust-proof, Protection Pad for Outdoors/Kitchen/Working – Full Face Isolation

Our Face Shields Specifications:

  • Splash Protection
  • Prevents exposure to blood and other infections
  • Open sides provide air circulation to prevent fogging
  • Elastic band forehead pad for comfort
  • Latex-free
  • 10, 50 and 100 face shields per case
  • Lightweight with PPE structure, anti-fog protection from splashing or spraying
  • Optically clear PET 320 Mic. for maximum visibility
  • Can be worn with or without glasses
  • Suitable for Kids, youths and adults
  • Designed and certified by Soul Pharm (Canada) standards