100% Canadian owned and operated 100% Canadian owned and operated

We create solutions to solve your manufacturing challenges … then we collaborate with you to bring the best possible products to market.

  • Manufacturing

    We Create Solutions To Solve Your Manufacturing Challenges … Then We Partner With You To Bring The Best Possible Products To Market.

    The SOUL Pharma’s Affiliated Companies Manufacturing Process Caters To The Unique Requirements Of Each Customer Project.

    From Sourcing Through To Mixing, Blending, Packaging And Shipping, Our Experience And Expertise Assures Consistency And Quality In Each Product That We Produce.

    We Employ World – Class Technology To Track Production, Decrease Time – To – Shipping, And Monitor Quality Assurance.

    • High-Volume Production
    • GMP Compliant
    • Integrated ERP System
    • Surge And Short Run Production Capability
  • Product Development

    • Dosage Design
    • Specifications Development
    • Pilot Lab To Scale – Up Capabilities
    • Expertise In Enhanced Flavor & Sweetener Profiles
    • Full Functioning In House Development Lab

    Innovative Products Come From Awareness Of The Latest Developments In Nutritional Science, Awareness Of Consumer Trends, And Adoption Of Manufacturing Processes.

    SOUL Pharma’s Affiliated Companies’s In-House Research Team Helps Our Customers Stay On The Leading Edge Of Developments In The World Of Nutritional Products And Food Supplementation. Our Knowledge And Experience Can Decrease Time – To – Market As Well As Expand The Category Range Of A Product.

  • Product Enhancement

    As Demand For Nutritional Supplementation And Food Products Expands Across Demographic Channels And Into New Cultures, Products Need To Evolve To Accommodate New Tastes And Applications.

    Our In – House  R & D Capability Assists Our Customers In Identifying Ways To Improve Their Products, Extend The Life Of A Product In The Marketplace, And Expand A Product To New Categories Or Channels.

  • Formulation

    Our Team Knows That The End Product Is Only As Good As The Raw Materials That Go Into It.

    With Our In – House Laboratory And PhD – D Level Guidance, We Test For Purity, Validate The Synergistic Interactions Of Ingredients And Monitor The Production Process For Quality Compliance.

  • Supply Chain Integration

    We Make It Work For You.

    Our Team Works With Yours To Create A Manufacturing Solution To Bring Your Product To Market.

    Our Mission Is To Be Your Manufacturing Capability …. We Do The Heavy Lifting While Integrating With Your Market Supply Program.

  • Market Insight

    Change Is The Constant In The Nutritional Products Industry. Tastes, Demands, Cultural Applications, New Product Developments, Scientific Advances In Materials All Create Disruptions In The Marketplace.

    Our Management Team Has Decades Of Experience Developing And Marketing Products.

    Their Pulse On The Market Provides Insight Into Trends And Changes That Can Affect Our Customer’s Products …. And Knowledge To Help In Creating A Product That Will Hit The Sweet Spot Of Consumer Demand.